Tourism, art and culture

It really starts with Virtual Reality.

How VRX contributes to tourism, art and culture.

Globalization urges have made global economies more closely intertwined. This is not least visible in the tourism sector. Long journeys to unknown countries or European explorations are the rule rather than the exception for a large part of the Dutch. Apparently people need a trip to a different environment, different climate and/or different people. How to organize the holiday is also a fairly personal question. One likes backpacking while the other cares about sun, sea and beach. One becomes enthusiastic about nature and animals, while the other is more attracted to the city. A combination of both is of course also possible.

But now from a different perspective; why would people from abroad come to the Netherlands? Our liberal approach in terms of tolerance policy (compared to other parts of Europe) and professional expertise in many academic subjects are certainly attractive factors, but we also certainly have more to offer in the specific sense of cultural history and VRX wants to strengthen this cultural history. Would you like to take a look at the mill? Ever been to the greenhouses? What do the gardens on the Floriade look like? Images and VR technology can provide a sneak peak for tourists.

Being creative and uninhibited in visualizing ideas. That is part of the package of (Immersive) Virtual Reality. We would like to get in touch with parties that want to use (Immersive) Virtual Reality for making art. We also have some experience ourselves:


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